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Illinois State University offers both wired and multiple wireless internet access on campus.  

Who Can Access Internet on Campus? 

All students, faculty, and staff may log into the University’s networks with their ULID and password. Guests of the University may create a guest wireless account for use during a short visit. 


Users connecting to a University Network must agree to the Terms of Use and must meet the University’s Conditions of Access.

Wireless Internet Access at ISU 

ISU has several different wireless networks available on campus. The network you connect to will depend upon your affiliation with the University, as well as your location on campus. See Wireless Internet for more information of wireless network coverage.


This network is the place to start for wireless connectivity and serves several functions:  for laptops, smartphones, and tablets it serves as the on-boarding tool, it is the network for streaming devices, and the network for guests of the University.

  • To use this network as an on-boarding tool for devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones for added security. Connect your device to the isunet-StartHere wireless network and browse to  Follow the prompts on the screen.  Once you are successfully on-boarded, you should always connect your device to the isunet or eduroam network.
  • To use this network for streaming devices that are not able to connect with a username and password such as: smart TVs, Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and gaming consoles such as Playstations, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. These types of devices must be registered and up to 10 devices may be registered at once. 


These devices must always use the isunet-StartHere network for connectivity.

For information about Connecting Streaming and Entertainment Devices to “isunet-StartHere” refer to the following articles: 


This is the secure wireless network for ISU faculty, staff, and student devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets.


It is recommended connecting first to the isunet-StartHere network and utilize the onboarding tool as described above.  The onboarding tool provides additional security and minimizes disruptions due to password changes. Alternatively, you may select "isunet" on your device and authenticate via ULID/Password.

For Windows Computers refer to the following articles: 

For Mac OS X Computers refer to the following articles: 

For Mobile Devices refer to the following articles: 

For Google Chromebooks refer to the following article: 


This is a secure wireless network that is available for faculty, staff, and students on campus and at many other participating Universities.  When travelling to Universities that broadcast the eduroam network, simply login with credentials and enjoy a secure wireless connection.


The “isu-public” wireless network is a publicly accessible wireless network available in Milner Library. This network may be accessed by anyone within range, with the following restrictions: 

  • The “isu-public” wireless network is only available in Milner Library.
  • The “isu-public” wireless network is open and unencrypted.
  • You cannot connect to the campus VPN, but third-party VPN connections are allowed.
  • You cannot access internal university resources, but you can access public resources. An internal resource is an Illinois State website or service that normally requires a VPN connection from off campus.
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) network traffic is blocked on all campus wireless networks.  

ResNet Wired Network

ISU students may use the wired “ResNet” internet available in campus Residence Halls to connect their desktop or laptop computer to the wired network, and they can also connect devices such as game consoles and smart TV’s to the wired network. While you can connect game consoles and smart TV’s to the “isunet-StartHere” network (described in the section above), you may not experience full functionality; so it is recommended you utilize the wired “ResNet” connection for these devices. Students can access the network by registering their device in the Device Registration Portal and connecting your device to an ethernet port located in your room. 


To ensure the fastest connection, it is recommended that you use the wired ResNet network. A wired connection is especially recommended for gaming consoles and streaming devices, when possible.

For information about registering other types of devices (game consoles, smart TV's, IoT devices etc.) please refer to the following articles: 


Known Errors and Troubleshooting Steps for Internet Access: 


Getting Help

For technical assistance, you may Submit a Help Ticket, or contact the Technology Support Center at 309-438-4357, or by email at 

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