Identity Data Dictionary

This data dictionary captures, tracks, and communicates about data elements within the domain of Identity and Access Management.

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  • Identity Data Elements

    All official attributes used in the creation and management of a digital identity.

    Identity Data Elements

  • Affiliations

    Affiliations represent the official relationship an individual, or a digital identity rather, has with the University.


  • Integration Roles

    Similar to affiliations, integration roles are assigned to digital identities and often used to drive access to services.

    Integration Roles

  • Groups

    Groups are directory objects used to either drive access to service or support communication (e.g. email distribution).


  • O365

    Access in Office 365 is driven by the license value assigned to an identity.


  • Grouper

    Grouper global reference group documentation


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions on a range of topics relating to identity and access management.

Frequently Asked Questions