Conditions of Access

Last modified 9/20/2023

Computers that connect to the campus network must meet the Conditions of Access (COA). 

For more information on Internet at Illinois State University please review Internet Access at Illinois State University 

What are the Conditions of Access? 

All computers that connect to Illinois State University’s network must meet the Conditions of Access (COA): 

Anti-Virus Software 

The University requires all computers connecting to the campus network to have anti-virus software installed and up to date. 

We recommend the following anti-virus software: 

  • Windows Defender for Windows 10  
  • Avira for Mac OS  

Security Updates 

The University also requires you to install all available security updates for your computer’s operating system. For more information on how to run updates review the following articles: 

Any computer that fails to comply with the Conditions of Access may be taken offline until it can be updated so it meets the requirements. 

Why have conditions for access? 

Internet threats reduce your ability to use your computer for academic pursuits, research, and public service. 

  • Viruses and other malware cause major problems. In a short time, a single infected computer can infect many other unprotected computers, which can lead to network interruptions or failure. 
  • Protect against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Vulnerable computers can be used by hackers and viruses to launch attacks that deny everyone access to important servers and services. 
  • Security is everyone’s responsibility. You need to do your part to keep the campus network safe for yourself and others. 

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