Preventing Network Connectivity Issues on Apple Devices

Last modified 9/19/2023

Several users of macOS and iOS devices are automatically connecting to the isunet-StartHere network. Once a device joins the StartHere network the user will not have an active wireless connection, and the user will notice they are not able to access sites they would like to.

The devices are moving to the StartHere network because they are configured to automatically join the StartHere network. The start here network is prioritized above the isunet network.

In these cases, most users will manually switch to isunet or create a new guest account daily. To avoid doing either of those follow the steps below:

How to Avoid Automatically Connecting to isunet-StartHere on macOS Devices

  1. Select the Network Name dropdown to move from isunet to isunet-StartHere (Figure 1). If you are already on ISUNet-StartHere, skip to step 3.

    Figure 1:
    Network Name selection from drop down list
  2. Select ISUNet-StartHere from the drop-down list (Figure 2). 

    Figure 2:
    Selecting ISUNet Start Here from drop down menu
  3. Once you are on the ISUNet-StartHere network, uncheck the Automatically Join this Network option (Figure 3).

    Figure 3:
    Automatically Join Network check box
  4. Navigate back to ISUNet through the Network Name Drop-Down. Make sure the Automatically Join this Network option is check marked for this network (Figure 4). 

    Figure 4:
    Automatically join ISU Net option

How to Avoid Automatically Connecting to isunet-StartHere on iOS Devices

  1. Select the “i” next to ISUNet-StartHere (Figure 5).

    Figure 5:
    selecting the information symbol next to the ISUNet start here network
  2. Delete the Auto-Join Feature for the ISUNet-StartHere Network (Figure 6).

    Figure 6:
    turn off auto-join image

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