Last modified 4/16/2024

Illinois State University provides email services to all current faculty, staff, student, and annuitant accounts. These services range from a personal account to mass email capabilities and sending or receiving of secured files and messages. 

Email Safety

Illinois State University has enabled several features for email to help keep your online identity safe. When reviewing and responding to email it is important to remain vigilant and use best judgement to confirm the message is legitimate. The following resources are available to assist you with identifying and taking action on illegitimate emails. 

Email Deactivation 

If and when a student is no longer enrolled with Illinois State University or has graduated from Illinois State University, their Email account will stay active for an additional 12 months prior to their leave/graduation. During this time, we strongly encourage the student to transfer any and all data they might have saved to their Email and update any subscriptions they might have activated using their Illinois State University Email account. If the student is needing anything from their Email account and it has been more than 12 months, they will need to contact Technology Support Center

For information on email deactivation for employees please see the following article Technology Benefits Upon Leaving the University or Retiring.

Transcripts / Admissions

If the student is needing their Official/Unofficial transcripts, and it's been more than 12 months since they left/graduated, they will need to contact the Registrar's Office to obtain that. If the student is returning back to Illinois State University, and its been more than 12 months since they left/graduated, they will need to contact the Admissions office