What If I Forget My ULID Password

Last modified 4/23/2024

If you forget your password or are unable to login, you have two options to reset your password in order to regain access to your account.

If you know your current password, and would simply like to change it, please refer to: Changing your ULID Password


If you attempt to log into your ULID account with an incorrect password, your account will be locked for 15 minutes after the 5th consecutive attempt.

Account Recovery

If you forget your password or have problems logging in to ULID Account Management to change your password, you can attempt to recover your account. This process requires you to provide a 6-digit verification code that is sent to your non ISU email address.

To recover your ULID account, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Account Management Portal at
  2. Click Reset My Password.
  3. On the Reset My Password page, enter your ULID and Birth date. Click Continue.
  4. The system will send you an email to your Recovery Email with a verification code. Locate the email and type in the 6 digit code in the field underneath "Please enter the 6 digit number sent to your email to continue"
  5. Create a new password and make sure to follow the requirements.
    • The password requirements are listed at the bottom of the page.
    • You can click the eye icon next to each password field to see the characters you have entered.  

Administrative Password Reset

You can have your password reset administratively by bringing in a Government issued ID (i.e., Driver's License, State ID, Passport, etc.) to the Technology Support Center in Julian Hall 115, or to the TechZone Service Center located on the first floor of the Bone Student Center.

Your password will be reset to a temporary password, which you must then immediately change to something personalized. The Technology Support Center, or the TechZone Service Center, can assist you in doing so before you leave that location. If you are unable to visit one of the two offices physically, you may contact the Technology Support Center for instructions on how to remotely submit your identification.

You will also need to manually update your new password for individual campus services following a password reset. For more information regarding this, please refer to:

How to Get Help

Technical assistance is available through the Illinois State University Technology Support Center at: