ULID Change Request Process

Last modified 4/25/2024

ULID Changes at Illinois State University are permitted in three circumstances:

  • A legal name change.
    • Note: Before submitting your ULID request change form please make sure that you first updated your legal name with Human Resources if you're an employee and the Registrar's Office if you're a student. The legal name change is required FIRST before a ULID change can be processed.
  • If an existing ULID inadvertently conveys an offensive meaning.
  • In the event of a court order for the protection of a student/employee.

Submitting ULID change request

Once you have confirmed your name change (if applicable) has been processed by the respective office, contact the Technology Support Center to submit your request (see contact information below in the How to Get Help section). 

Please provide the following information with your request:

  • Your current ULID
  • The requested change
  • Previous legal name (if applicable)
  • New Legal name (if applicable)

How to Get Help

Technical assistance is available through the Illinois State University Technology Support Center at: