Departmental Teams at Illinois State University

  • Technology Support Center

    The Technology Support Center (TSC) serves as the central help desk for the entire Illinois State community. The TSC is a great place to start to find a solution to your technology problems.

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  • Technology Solutions

    Technology Solutions provides information technology products and services used across campus in support of the mission of Illinois State University.

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  • Technology Solutions Endpoint Support

    Endpoint Support provides comprehensive support and services for end-user devices and software to staff in Finance and Planning, University Advancement, Athletics, the offices of the Provost, the offices of the President, and the Board of Trustees. Endpoint Support also manages the electronic recycling operation, eRecycling, for the refurbishment or retirement of computer equipment from across the university.

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  • Advancement Technology and Systems

    The Technology and Systems’ team supports donor management and gift processing (One), ledger (Agresso), and other ancillary systems for University Advancement and the Foundation. The campus community, alumni, and other friends of the University use these resources to engage with and contribute to ISU in support of students and programs.

  • Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT)

    The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology provides support for faculty who want to enhance their teaching in various ways, including the effective use of instructional technology. Our work includes, but is not limited to, providing insight into promising pedagogical practices that involve ReggieNet, Clickers, Zoom, FlipGrid, Office 365, and more.

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  • College of Applied Science and Technology IT

    CAST-IT staff provides technology support and services to CAST faculty, staff and students in order to meet the needs of its eight departments and schools, the majority of which have unique and challenging requirements that serve to promote fluency in the use of technology.

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  • College of Arts and Sciences IT

    College of Arts and Sciences (CAS-IT) supports CAS faculty and Staff. We strive to meet college, department, faculty, and staff needs while balancing technical sustainability and secure best-practices. We support end-point equipment, file-servers, server based applications, websites, technology consultations, and much more.

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  • College of Business IT

    College of Business Information Technology (COB-IT) provides general technology support for all College of Business (COB) faculty and staff as well as all guests in the State Farm Hall of Business. Additionally, COB-IT provides specialized support for applications and systems utilized by students and faculty in instructional, computer lab, and research tasks.

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  • College of Education Tech Team

    The College of Education (COE) Tech Team exists to support educators as they incorporate the purposeful and pedagogically sound use of technology into their teaching and learning, by creating conditions that inspire and encourage new ideas, facilitate collaboration and communication, and promote awareness of products and practices.

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  • College of Fine Arts Instructional Technology (CFAIT)

    CFAIT is the primary technology support team for the College of Fine Arts.

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  • Enrollment Management and Academic Services Tech Support

    EMAS Technical Support Staff provides technology support to staff and students in Admissions, Financial Aid, University Registrar and University College.

  • Human Resources Systems

    The HR Systems team provides support, access and training primarily for our Human Resource Information System (iPeople) and our online application/recruitment system (ISUJobs). In addition we support Faculty, Staff and Student Employees through providing access to employee information for onboarding, queries/reports and employment decisions. We work closely with business partners to integrate this information into other enterprise-wide resources and welcome opportunities to improve these processes.

  • Learning Spaces and Audio/Visual Technologies (LSAVT)

    LSAVT supports the designs, installs and maintains the instructional technology in most campus classrooms and many conference rooms as well as specialty AV projects for the campus.

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  • Library Information Technology Services

    Library Information Technology Services (LITS) provides support and consultations for all IT-related service, application, and equipment needs of Milner Library faculty and staff. Additionally, we manage the library web presence and provide graphic design services.

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  • Mennonite College of Nursing Technology

    Mennonite College of Nursing promotes excellence and innovation in education while striving to improve health locally and globally through exceptionally well-prepared nurses. MCN-IT facilitates this mission by enabling cutting edge nursing simulation experiences and driving innovation throughout the college community.

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  • Student Affairs IT (SAIT)

    Student Affairs IT works side by side with our division partners to provide comprehensive technology solutions and support. From equipment reservations to innovative solutions for student services, SAIT is the first stop for all technology needs in the Division of Student Affairs.

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  • TechZone and Student Technologies

    TechZone is best known for the sales and service operations in Bone Student Center which provide personal & University computer purchasing help and discounts, walk-in technology support, and warranty hardware repair. ResNet (support of residence hall networking) and Software Management (University discounted & site licensed software) are two other major components.

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