Information Security

User Account Management Standard

Last modified 9/24/2020

User accounts, in combination with a password, provide individuals with a resource to access University systems and data. These user accounts allow for the individual to be identified so that they can access what they need, when they need it.


All University user accounts must be managed in the central account management system.

Additional Information

The following items are to provide context or better understanding of this standard:

  • Non-User Accounts

There are non-user types of accounts that support the operations of University systems and services. The most common example of this is often referred to as a "service" account. These accounts and configured within systems themselves and are not directly used by individuals. A separate standard is under development for such accounts.

  • Requesting an Exemption

In the event that this standard cannot be met, an exemption can be requested and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

All exemptions will require documentation of the user account, how it is managed, what it has access to, the reason the standard cannot be met, and then executive approval determined by the area requesting and based on the documented risks.

  • System Defined

The current central account management system is Oracle Identity Manager (OIM). OIM provisions user accounts and more to the University directory systems which are then used by other systems and services.