Videos and Multi-Media

Last modified 2/11/2022

Before creating or adding a video and other media to your digital project remember to make sure your content is accessible. 

To ensure video content is accessible to as many people as possible:

  • For Video-only content (i.e. animations, webcams) provide a transcript or an audio description, which describes the visual contents of the video.
  • For Video and Audio content, provide captions. Also, if video content is presented only visually (i.e. text on the screen) and not through dialogue, provide audio description

Searching for Videos with Captions

If possible, avoid using videos with auto-generated captions. If you must use them, make sure the captions are 100% accurate. Even if the words are correct, auto-generated captions do not have punctuation, can be hard to read, and are missing speaker identification.

YouTube Searches

In many cases, captioned videos on your topic are available for use. When searching YouTube, add “, CC” after your search terms to filter videos to those with captions available.

Google Searches

For Google searches, go to Google Advanced Video Search. At the top of the form, fill out the Advanced Video Search fields with your search terms. In the Subtitles field, select “closed captioned only” to narrow the results to those with closed captioning.

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