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Illinois State University

Connecting Your Windows Computer to the ISU Wireless Network

This article describes how to automatically configure your computer for access to the ISU secure wireless network “isunet” or “eduroam” which is available through most of campus.

The first time a user tries to access the network via a wireless connection, a process to ‘setup’ the computer is performed. This process adds the required certificates to the personal computer which makes the computer eligible to access ISU network.

If you have already connected your computer to the ISU wireless network for the current school year, you do not need to complete the following instructions.

Please Note: To complete these instructions, you must be in a location where “isunet-StartHere” and “isunet” or “eduroam” networks are available.

Simple Instructions

Automatically configuring your Windows computer for “isunet” or “eduroam” wireless access is easy. These simple instructions are basic steps. See the “Detailed Instructions” below for more in-depth steps.

  1. Select “isunet-StartHere” from the list of wireless networks provided.
  2. Launch a web browser, such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer (IE).
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Your computer will automatically be configured for “isunet” or “eduroam” wireless access. When the configuration is done, you will automatically be switched over to the “isunet” or “eduroam” wireless network.

Detailed Instructions

Follow the instructions below to automatically configure your computer to connect to “isunet” wireless.

  1. Select “isunet-StartHere” from the list of wireless networks provided. Do not put a check mark in the box labeled Connect Automatically.
  2. Click the [Connect] button.
  3. Launch a web browser, such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer (IE) and try to navigate to a webpage. You should be presented with the following (figure 1):

Figure 1:

  1. Click the button [Setup ISUNet (Windows or OSX)] (figure 1).
  2. You will be presented with two configuration options - One for eduroam and one for isunet. Both networks will provide the same level of access while you are on campus. (see figure 2).

For more information on eduroam, see our Overview of Eduroam

Figure 2:

  1. Click the button [Join Now] to download the ilstu_wifisetup_.exe file which is needed to secure your access (figure 3).

Figure 3:

  1. Once downloaded, refer to the file in the Downloads folder, or the bottom of the browser window (figure 4), depending on which internet browser you are using. Open the “Cloudpath Network Wizard” to configure your machine and make sure it is secure to be allowed on the network.

Figure 4:

  1. The Open File - Security Warning box may appear, click the [Run] button to run the downloaded ilstu_wifisetup_.exe file (figure 5).

Figure 5:

  1. The SecureW2 JoinNow MultiOS window will open to “We are now launching a separate dialog to continue sign-in through CentralLogin” (Figure 6) review the information, and then click the [Next] button.

Figure 6:

  1. Enter your ULID and password, and then click the [Sign in] button (figure 7). SecureW2 will continue through the steps to secure your device: Authenticate, Enrolling Certificate, and Connecting to isunet or eduroam.

Figure 7a:

Figure 7b:

  1. Once SecureW2 completed the enrollment process and moves you over to isunet or eduroam, the dialog box will end with “Joined." Click [Done] to close out the dialog box. Your computer is now securely configured for Wireless access for the current school year until Spring graduation. Password changes will no longer disrupt your wireless access now that it’s been configured with SecureW2, however, if your password expires then it must be changed before access will be restored.

See: ULID Password Expiration


How to Get Help

For technical assistance, you may contact the Technology Support Center at 309-438-4357, or by email at

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