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Illinois State University

How to obtain your official transcript from Illinois State University

Current and former students can request copies of their transcripts from Illinois State University.

Before You Begin

Your Illinois State University transcript is a record of the classes you took and the grades you received for those classes while you were attending the University. If you transfer to another school from Illinois State, you will need a copy of your transcript.

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts for Illinois State are provided by the Office of the University Registrar. Transcripts may be requested online or in person and are provided for a fee.

For more information, please refer to

Your Classes and Grades

If you do not need an official transcript, you can see a list of your classes and grades by logging in to This option is only available to current students or students who have left the University within the last 6 months. The list of grades in is provided for your reference. It is not an official transcript.

To view your classes in, refer to 545: How to view My Class Schedule in the Student Service Center.

To view your grades in, refer to: 797: How to view your grades and grade point average (GPA) in the Student Service Center