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Illinois State University

Understanding the STV250 Folder on Datastore

The STV250 folder on the Datastore server is used by English courses at Illinois State University.

Connecting to STV250 on Datastore

To access the STV250 folder on Datastore, you must first have mapped your network drives to Datastore. For more information regarding this, refer to the following:

Directory Structure

The STV250 folder on Datastore is used for English classes at Illinois State University. These folders are set up by the system administrators at the beginning of each semester.

  • The STV250 folder contains an instructor folder for each English instructor.
  • Drop Box folder is found inside each instructor folder.
  • An Instructor Viewing Only folder is found inside each Drop Box folder.

Example: In the example below, Reggie Redbird is an instructor. Notice how his Drop Box folder contains his Instructor Viewing Only folder:

  • Redbird, Reggie (rrredbi)
    • Drop Box
      • Instructor Viewing Only

Setting Up Your Instructor Folder

English instructors need to set up their instructor folders before they can be used in class. Students should do only what their instructors tell them to do.

Instructors should begin by creating one or more folders inside their instructor folders. We recommend creating one folder for each class you teach. The class folders you create act as collaborative work-spaces for your students. Some instructors prefer to create student folders inside their class folders.

Creating class folders is necessary because students cannot save files directly to your instructor folder. Even though students can save files to the Drop Box folder, that location is typically used as a place to turn in assignments.

Example: In the example below, notice how each of the class folders is created at the same level as the Drop Box folder. The class folders are named English 101.1, etc. In this example, the instructor has also created three student folders inside the English 101.1 folder:

  • Redbird, Reggie (rrredbi)
    • Drop Box
      • Instructor Viewing Only
    • English 101.1
      • Brown, Tom
      • Doe, Jane
      • Smith, Bob
    • English 101.2
    • English 101.3

The “Drop Box” Folder

The Drop Box folder can be used to turn in assignments. After students “turn in” their assignments by putting files in the Drop Box folder, the instructor can copy them into the Instructor Viewing Only folder. Note that instructors cannot move or delete student files.

The “Instructor Viewing Only” Folder

The Instructor Viewing Only folder can be used by instructors to prevent students from modifying their files. This is most useful for when an assignment has been turned in to the Drop Box folder and the instructor wants to be sure a student does not modify his or her file after a particular date and time.


  • Students cannot open the Instructor Viewing Only folder.
  • Students cannot save files to the Instructor Viewing Only folder.
  • Instructors can open the Instructor Viewing Only folder.
  • Instructors can copy (but not move) files into the Instructor Viewing Only folder.
  • Instructors can rename and delete (but not modify) files in the Instructor Viewing Only folder.

Permissions and Ownership

The STV250 share operates under the concept of ownership. Different rules apply to the Instructor Viewing Only folder (see above).

Files and folders you create belong to you (i.e. you are the owner). Anyone can open another person’s files, but you can only move, modify, rename, and delete files you own. Before students can modify files they do not own, they must copy them. Since they created the copy, they own it and can make changes to it.

For example, an instructor asks their students to pick a partner and edit that person’s work. Before Bob can edit Jane’s document, he must make a copy of the file. Jane still owns the original, but Bob owns the copy, so he can modify it.

How to Get Help

Instructors who need further assistance should contact their technology liaison on the Writing Program Leadership Team.

Students who need more help should talk to their English instructors, or for technical assistance, may contact the Technology Support Center at 309-438-4357, or by email at

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