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Illinois State University

What Illinois State University is Doing to Protect Your Personal Information

Illinois State University has taken many steps to help keep your personal information safe, and is committed to helping make sure your personal information is used in a safe and secure manner.

Social Security Numbers

Your Social Security number (SSN) is an important, unique identifier. As outlined in the Campus Conduct Policy, Illinois State uses your Social Security number to accurately process and maintain educational and employment records. It is also used for mandatory tax reporting purposes.

Any record that contains your Social Security number is treated as confidential. Access to such records is limited and secure.

University ID Numbers

To further limit the number of people at Illinois State who have access to Social Security numbers, the University assigns each student, faculty, and staff member a unique University ID (UID) number. Your UID number is used for all business internal to the University.

As with Social Security numbers, university employees need special permission to access UID numbers. As your UID number is connected to your private information, you should keep your UID number private.


Your ULID password grants you access to many systems at Illinois State University. You are the only person who should know your password—do not share it with anyone. No one else at Illinois State can see your password, including the Technology Support Center, your local technical support staff, and the administrators who manage the systems you use.

No one at Illinois State should ever ask you what your password is, and the University will NEVER ask you to send your password in email.

Compromised Accounts

The University maintains a sophisticated system for detecting ULID accounts that have been compromised and taken over by outside sources. When a compromised account is detected, the account is automatically blocked and secured by the University's mail system.

The Technology Support Center works with a person whose account has been compromised. The Support Center assists in verifying the true account holder's identity and allows that person to regain control.

Encryption (https://)

Illinois State encrypts your online personal information when it is sent across the campus network or over the Internet. Encrypted data cannot be intercepted by a third party.

Before sending your personal information through a campus website, look at the web address to make sure it uses https:// (instead of just http://). The "s" in https:// means that the website is secure (i.e. encrypted).

Restrictions on Data Access

Systems which store sensitive data (such as Social Security numbers), are accessible only from authorized computers by authorized staff.

These systems can only be accessed from authorized on-campus computers, and authorized off-campus computers connected through VPN. Requiring VPN connections from off campus means your data is isolated and protected from the Internet.

Data Classification

Illinois State University has in place procedures regarding classification of data in order to better secure and manage sensitive data. Data classification at Illinois State is as follows:

Highly Restricted Data - Highly restricted data are numbers, characters, images, or other forms of output that are typically protected by federal or state law, regulation, or University policy, or the University is required to take action (breach notification or self reporting) if the data are inappropriately accessed or disclosed. Data also are identified as 'highly restricted' when the unauthorized disclosure, alteration, or destruction of the data could cause a significant level of risk to the University or have an adverse effect on the University's operations, access, or individuals.

Restricted Data - Restricted data are numbers, characters, images or other forms of output that may not be accessed without specific authorization or consent because of legal, ethical or other constraints. Access to these data is limited to employees of the University and individuals who are working pursuant to the contract with the University who have a role-based need to see and use the information. Any use of the data must be used to conduct University business and must follow all applicable laws, regulations and University policies and procedures.

Unrestricted Data - Unrestricted data are numbers, characters, images, or other forms of output that have few internal restrictions. Some data elements classified as unrestricted still have certain dissemination restrictions and access may be denied.

For more information, please see University Policy Procedure 9.8.1 at

Physical Security

Not only is your personal information electronically secure, there is also a physical layer of security that protects your data. Systems that store and access sensitive data are literally protected by lock and key.

University employees who need physical access to those protected servers have been granted special security clearance.

Reporting Violations

If you believe you have evidence of a security violation at Illinois State University, send a report to Serious violations, including those involving identity theft and/or physical threats should also be reported to the Illinois State University police department.


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