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Illinois State University

Map network drives to School of IT shares in MacOS

Map network drives to IT shares in MacOS

Follow these directions to map network drives to School of IT network shares in MacOS.

Before You Begin

The School of Information Technology (IT) offers two network shares to its students and instructors:

  • H: \itksrv5\yourITKusername
    Use your IT H: drive to store files related to class projects. IT students have read/write access to this network share.

  • T: \itksrv1\progs
    The IT T: drive stores class-related materials. Instructors have read/write access to this network share, and students have read-only access.

Note that the School of Information Technology was formerly referred to as the ITK department.


Only IT students and instructors should access IT network shares.

IT user name: To access your IT network shares, you must use your IT user name and password. If you do not know your IT user name or password, contact your IT instructor.

Connection: To access IT network shares, you must be connected to Illinois State in one of the following ways:

  • ResNet connection
  • Campus “isunet” wireless network
  • Campus computer lab
  • Campus office
  • Off campus with a VPN connection (see below)

Off-campus users: To map network drives from off campus, you need to first establish a VPN connection with the campus network.

Map Network Drives to School of IT Network Shares on MacOS

These instructions are for OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) and newer. To map network drives to an IT network share, do the following:

  1. On the Finder menu bar, click [Go] > [Connect to Server…].
  2. The Connect to Server window will appear.
  3. In the box labeled Server Address, type one of the following network paths (based on the network share you would like to access).
  • smb://
  • smb://
  1. Click [Connect].
  2. Enter the correct user name and password when prompted to do so.
  • For itksrv5 enter your IT user name and password.
  • For itksrv1 enter your ULID and password.

The network share you connected to will mount in the Finder.