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Illinois State University

How to View your Enrollment Appointment in the Student Center

As a student, you can view your course registration date on My.IllinoisState.Edu, or in Campus Solutions. Read below for instructions.

Before you Begin:

An enrollment appointment is the date and time when you can begin registering for classes at Illinois State University. This date and time is assigned to you by the University. An enrollment appointment is sometimes referred to as a registration date.

Enrollment Appointment - Enroll for Courses

Despite its name, an enrollment appointment is not an appointment with a person so don’t get confused and think you need to meet with your advisor or anyone else at the date and time of your enrollment appointment. It is simply the time appointed to you to register for courses. When your enrollment appointment date and time arrive, you can begin registering for courses.

View Enrollment Appointment in My.IllinoisState

  1. Open an internet browser and navigate to My.IllinoisState.Edu.
  2. Click Sign In Using Central Login and log in with your ULID and Password.
    • If you cannot log in, please call the Technology Support Center at (309) 438-4357. You may have an expired password, or you may have underlying account issues.
  3. Click the Academics button (See Figure 1):

Figure 1:

  1. Scroll down until you see Registration Times. This is where you will see your Enrollment Appointment date. (See Figure 2):

Figure 2:

Viewing Enrollment Appointment Date in Campus Solutions

You can also view your enrollment appointment date in the classic student service center. To do so, read below:

  1. Open an internet browser and navigate to My.IllinoisState.Edu.
  2. Click the Sign in Using Central Login button and sign in with your ULID and password.
  3. Click Campus Solutions on the right-hand menu.
  4. You may be prompted to sign in using central log in when being navigated to Campus Solutions. Click the log in button and enter your ULID and Password if you are prompted for it.
  5. Once in Campus Solutions, your registration time should be under Registration Deadlines. (See Figure 3):

Still Need Assistance?

If you still cannot see your registration date, please call the Technology Support Center at 309-438-4357, or submit a help ticket at IThelp.IllinoisState.Edu/Request.