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Setting up the One-Time Password Authentication Method for Multi-Factor Authentication

The One-Time Password (OTP) authentication method for multi-factor authentication is another authentication method that is offered by Microsoft that you can use when authenticating your log in. In short, when you log into Office 365, you will simply access your Authenticator app on your mobile device and will authenticate your Office 365 login with the temporary password that is offered to you on the app. The instructions below will guide you on setting up the One-Time Password authentication method.

Note: At this time, in order to set up the One-Time Password method, you will already need to have MFA set up using the Authenticator app method. To learn how to set up MFA with the Authenticator method, please read the following linked article: How to Set up Multi-Factor Authentication Using the Mobile App

  1. Open an internet browser and navigate to
  2. Log in with your ULID and password.
  3. Upon logging in, click the Manage button next to Multi-Factor Authentication. (See Figure 1)


Figure 1:


  1. Press the Manage Devices button in the green box. This will only appear if you already have MFA set up. (See Figure 2)



Figure 2:


  1. You may be prompted to log in using your ISU email account, or even authenticate your log in with your preferred MFA method (Authenticator app, phone call, text, etc.).
  2. Once you are in the “Security Info” tab, you should see the Default Sign in Method section with the Authenticator app - notification method as your main method. To change it to One-Time Password, click Change and you will then change your method to Authenticator App or Hardware Token - Code in the drop down menu that appears. (See Figures 3 and 4)



Figure 3:

Figure 4:


  1. Click Confirm to save your change. (See Figure 5)



Figure 5:


  1. You will see a confirmation message pop up at the top-right corner of your screen. You have successfully changed your authentication method to the One-Time Password option. (See Figure 6)



Figure 6:


- To learn how to sign in with the One-Time Password when prompted, please read the following linked article: How to Sign in Using Multi-Factor Authentication

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