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How to Configure an Exam through the ProctorTrack Dashboard

How to Configure a Test through the ProctorTrack Dashboard

  1. On the Proctortrack Dashboard, click on the “3-Dots” on the right of the quiz name for which the configuration needs to be set and select “Go to Configuration” (See Figure 1).

Note: To get to your ProctorTrack Dashboard, click the ProctorTrack tab on the left-hand menu of your ReggieNet site.

Figure 1:


By default all quizzes are configured as closed book quizzes/exams. Each quiz/exam can have different configurations.

Here you will see 4 tabs for various types of test configurations (See Figure 2)

Figure 2:


  1. Identity Verification Settings: You may Enable or Disable various Identity Verification Scans including the Room Scan (See Figure 3)

Figure 3:


  1. Test Settings: Here you may configure the Test settings as well as the Proctoring settings based on the test requirement.

You may allow or disallow certain test related actions (See Figure 4)

Figure 4:


The password you created for the exam can be configured for “Hide Access Code/Password”. In this case, the learners will not be shown the access code/password but will be provided a copy button by the Proctortrack app, so the learners may paste the password and move ahead. This is an important feature to use and prevents the students from bypassing ProctorTrack and taking the exam in ReggieNet with a known password. (For instructions on how to create a Proctored Exam, see How to Create an Exam with ProctorTrack) (See Figure 5)

Note: The password is Displayed and this option is Disabled by default.

Figure 5:


Enable : Will hide the access code/password for this test and the Proctortrack app shall provide a Copy button after the monitoring begins.

Disable : Will display the access code/password to the students after the monitoring begins on the top blue border of the screen shown by the Proctortrack app.

If Enabled, the Students shall see the following options after the proctored monitoring begins (See Figure 6).

Figure 6:


  1. Student Settings: Here you may configure the test settings for any particular learner, in case any learner requires special accommodations. These settings can be applied to a specific learner for a specific test.

Click on the ‘Edit Configuration’ button for the learner for whom the configuration needs to be set separately or individually (See Figure 7)

Figure 7:


Student Settings: You may enable any of the required options/settings.

You may also use the ‘Whitelist URL/Apps’ options to allow the usage of any application by this particular learner.

You may also use the ‘Special Settings’ tab, to add any notes for this particular learner to allow any specific accommodations (See Figure 8)

Figure 8:


Whitelist URL/Apps: Here you may whitelist any application from the list, so that application can be allowed for this test.

You may use the Whitelist URL option to only allow certain URLs to be opened during the exam. All other URLs will be considered as blacklisted and shall be auto-closed or marked as a violation (See Figure 9).

Figure 9:


Getting Help:

ProctorTrack Support is Available 24x7x365 - They have recommended that you reach out to them as your initial source for support. ProctorTrack may be reached using the following contact methods:


  1. Phone: 1(844) 753-2020
  2. Submit a Support Ticket
  3. Chat Support: Use the Chat option in the lower right-hand corner while on the ProctorTrack Dashboard.
  4. Email:

Need help with your ULID or something Account Related? Contact the Technology Support Center at (309) 438-4357

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding ProctorTrack, Click Here.

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