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Mac Users with OS Catalina 10.5 are unable to download and open ProctorTrack

Known Issue: Mac Users with OS Catalina 10.5 are unable to open ProctorTrack

After having upraded to macOS Catalina, if you download the ProctorTrack application for the first time, it can’t be opened because Apple can’t check it for Malicious Software. A dialog box pops up, click the OK button and the ProctorTrack Application will close (See Figure 1).

Figure 1:


Solution 1:

  • In such a case, click the OK button. Then go to your Downloads folder, locate the ProctorTrack Application.
  • Make sure you have dragged the ProctorTrack to /Applications to complete the installation. Then Right-Click on the ProctorTrack app and click OPEN.

Solution 2:

  • After clicking on the OK button, go to your Downloads folder and locate the ProctorTrack application.
  • Right click on it and select OPEN. This will bring the same dialogue box, but with an option to ‘Open the File anyway’ – Click this option.

Solution 3:

  • You can also follow the below steps to run the ProctorTrack app on Mac Catalina OS if you get the error “Malicious Software” warning after launching it.
  • Go to System Preferences and then open Security and Privacy, click on the General tab.
  • Then click ‘Open Anyway’ (See Figure 2)

Figure 2:


Important: In order for ProctorTrack to monitor and record your test session without any issues, please make sure that the below settings are enabled:

  • Go to System Preferences then click the Security and Privacy tab, Privacy, then Select the ProctorTrack check box for the following options (See Figures 3-8):
  • Screen Recording
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Full Disk Access
  • Accessibility
  • Input Monitoring

Figure 3: Screen Recording


Figure 4: Camera


Figure 5: Microphone


Figure 6: Full Disk Access


Figure 7: Accessibility


Figure 8: Input Monitoring


Getting Help:

ProctorTrack Support is Available 24x7x365 - They have recommended that you reach out to them as your initial source for support. ProctorTrack may be reached using the following contact methods:


  1. Phone: 1(844) 753-2020
  2. Submit a Support Ticket to ProctorTrack
  3. Chat Support: Use the Chat option in the lower right-hand corner while on the ProctorTrack Dashboard.
  4. Email:

Need help with your ULID or something Account Related? Contact the Technology Support Center at (309) 438-4357

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding ProctorTrack, Click Here.

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