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How to take the ProctorTrack Onboarding Exam

Onboarding Exam

The Onboarding Exam is a practice test created by the instructor that students must take prior to taking their official course exam. The Onboarding Exam sets up a profile for the user in ProctorTrack, and checks the Student’s system and ensures their identity by taking a series of pictures (facial, ID, hand-positional, etc.).
The Onboarding Exam MUST be taken at least 48 hours prior to the official exam. It is recommended that instructors create the Onboarding exam as soon as they are able to.

Review the steps below for the Onboarding process and how it works

  1. After clicking on the desired course in ReggieNet, click on the ProctorTrack tab in the left-hand menu of ReggieNet. This will take you to the ProctorTrack Dashboard where you will access your Onboarding Exam as well as other exams. Locate your Onboarding Exam and click Go To Test (See Figure 1).

Figure 1:

  1. Download and Run ProctorTrack: You will be asked to download and run the ProctorTrack software (See Figures 2a – 2b). A list of what is not allowed will be displayed. Scroll through the list of items to familiarize yourself with them, then click the box next to I have read, understand and will adhere to the required environment guidelines, then click Go To Next Step.

Figure 2a:

Figure 2b:

  1. You will now be prompted to download and run ProctorTrack. Do not close the browser tab that is prompting the download. To begin, click Download Proctortrack. You will notice the download minimized at the base of your screen. After it has downloaded, click the arrow facing up ^ within the minimized download window and select Open (See Figure 3).

Figure 3:

  1. The ProctorTrack file is a .zip file (for macs) and a .exe file (for Windows)
  2. You may need to launch ProctorTrack from your Downloads folder to continue.
    • For Macs: Double-click and unzip the zip file download and then run the app (See Figure 4)
    • IMPORTANT: For Mac users running Catalina 10.15 – There may be an issue where ProctorTrack won’t open due to the inability to check for Malicious software*. If so, refer to the following article for further instructions:
    • Mac Users with OS Catalina 10.5 are Unable to Download and Open ProctorTrack

Figure 4:

  1. Choose to Open Proctortrack when asked. The Proctortrack software will load and you will see a screen that says Connecting… (See Figure 5).

Figure 5:

  1. Once connected, read through the Agreement Policy and click the box next to ‘I confirm my consent, agreement, and acknowledgment as described below’ and then click the Start System Check button (See Figure 6).

Figure 6:

  1. Confirm the Camera and Microphone you are using to take the exam by clicking the CONFIRM button (See Figure 7).

Figure 7:

  1. ProctorTrack will now go through a series of system checks to ensure your computer has the necessary hardware/software for the proctored exam. If any unauthorized applications are detected, you will be notified at this time to close them, or clicking the Close button on the alert will close them for you (See Figure 8).

Figure 8:

  1. As part of the system check, you will be asked to verify your identity through a facial, ID and knuckle scan. When prompted and ready, click the SCAN button.

For the Facial Scan, make sure to fill the silhouette completely and lighting is good. If your face is not clear or the lighting is not optimal, you can choose to re-take the picture (See Figure 9).

Figure 9:

For the ID scan, make sure the words are legible and the picture is clear. You will have the option to re-take if it needs correcting (See Figure 10).

We recommend that you use your Redbird ID card for the scan. If your Redbird card is not accessible, a government issued ID card such as a state ID or license is acceptable.

Figure 10:


  1. Review what is/is not allowed. After reading through the Exam Guidelines, click I Agree, Let’s Begin the Proctoring (See Figure 11).

Figure 11:

  1. The onboarding is now complete and pending review. It is important to take your Onboarding Exam as soon as your instructor has created and made it available to you, as it will need to go through a review and approval process by ProctorTrack Admins.

I Have Taken the Onboarding Exam; Now What?

Once you have completed the Onboarding exam, ProctorTrack will need to approve the submission. What this means is they will need to ensure everything is accurate before approving you to take an official proctored exam.
This is why it is recommended that you take the Onboarding exam well before your official exam date. It typically takes ProctorTrack
at least 4 hours to approve your Onboarding, but may take longer.

Once approved, you will then be able to take the official exam by following these steps:

  1. Log onto ReggieNet and click on the desired course where your official exam is located (i.e., any exam you receive an actual grade for).
  2. Once you are in the course, click the ProctorTrack tab from the left-hand menu in your ReggieNet course.
  3. The ProctorTrack Dashboard will open in a new window and you should see all available exams that will be taken using ProctorTrack. Click Go To Test next to the desired exam.
  • If you get the alert that ‘Onboarding Data is Not Available,’ your onboarding exam has not yet been approved by ProctorTrack. Please reach out to your instructor in this case.
  1. Assuming you have gone through the Onboarding, you will then be asked to Open ProctorTrack. Click this option.
  2. Once ProctorTrack has opened and performed a quick system check, you will need to confirm your identity again with a quick facial and ID scan. This is to ensure that you are the one taking the test.
  3. Before you can begin the test, the password for the exam will need to be entered. This should have been either provided to you by your instructor, or intentionally hidden. If hidden, you will see a pop-up that says ‘Exam Password’ click the Copy button on this alert to copy the hidden password. Once copied, you will then paste it into the password field (Right-click your mouse and choose Paste, OR click within the password field and hold down Ctrl V to paste the password)
  4. Once the password is pasted, click Begin Assessment to begin taking your test.
  5. After you have taken your assessment and submitted it, you will be asked to either Quit the Application, or Uninstall it (if you uninstall the application, you can download it again the next time you take a proctored exam) (See Figure 12).



Figure 12:


Getting Help:

ProctorTrack Support is Available 24x7x365 - They have recommended that you reach out to them as your initial source for support. ProctorTrack may be reached using the following contact methods:


  1. Phone: 1 (844) 753-2020
  2. Submit a support ticket at
  3. Chat Support: Use the Chat option in the lower right-hand corner while on the ProctorTrack Dashboard.
  4. Email:

Need help with your ULID or something Account Related? Contact the Technology Support Center at (309) 438-4357

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding ProctorTrack, Click Here.

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