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Adding a Contact to Contacts/Address Book in Mac OS X

Mac OS X includes an application called Contacts. In Mac OS X 10.7 and above, this application is called Address Book. Contacts in Mac OS X allows you to store information about people you know. Contacts integrates with various applications, including Mail. You can use it to store email addresses and other contact information.

To add a contact to Contacts/Address Book, do the following:

  1. Open Contacts.

1.a.  Contacts is located in the Dock or in the Applications folder on the hard drive.

1.b.  If you are using Mac OS X 10.7 and above, open Address Book.

2.    Click [File] > [New Card].

3.    Enter the contact information in the fields on the right side of the window.

3.a.  You can enter as much or as little information as you like. 

3.b.  When you enter information into a field, an additional field in the same category will automatically be created.

3.c.  For example, if you enter a home phone number, an additional field will be created where you can enter an alternative number, such as a mobile or work phone.

3.d.  To remove an entry for a field, click the red minus [-]

3.e.  To change a field type, click on the field name and select the desired type from the pop-up menu. For example, you can change a home address to a business address.

3.f.   To add new fields, go to the Card menu and select [Add Field] (or you may click the plus sign [+] at the bottom of the window). Then choose a category, such as Birthday or Job Title.

4.    To save a contact, click [File] > [Save] (or you may click [Done] at the bottom of the window).

5.    To close Contacts, click [Contacts] > [Quit Contacts].

5.a.  If using Address book, click [Address Book] > [Quit Address Book].



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