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Illinois State University

Where to pick up and pay for your uPrint print job?

After submitting your print job, you may pick it up and pay for it at any of the 50 uPrint Release Stations. Print jobs will be held for 24 hours before they are deleted and require you to upload again

uPrint Release Station Locations

When you print something with uPrint , you may pick up your print job at any of the uPrint Release Stations listed below.


  • Bone Student Center (in the Prairie Room, behind Qdoba)
  • Cardinal Court Building A
  • Centennial West 303
  • Degarmo Hall 017, 308
  • Edwards Hall 305
  • Fairchild Hall 314, 324
  • Fell Hall 102, 108
  • Felmley Hall of Science Annex 336,
  • Julia N. Visor Center (Vrooman 12)
  • Julian Hall 215
  • Linkins uLab 103B
  • Moulton Hall 1st Floor Kiosk
  • Rachel Cooper 313
  • Ropp Agriculture Building 124
  • Schroeder Hall 217
  • Stevenson Hall 125, 227, 314, 408, 435C, 438, 440
  • Turner Hall 120, 160, 167, 171, 206, 210
  • Vrooman uLab 004, 006
  • Watterson Hall uLab 110, 203
  • Williams Hall Annex 103

*Some locations may experience limited availability. For a listing of computer labs on campus and their availability, see Campus Computer Labs.

Paying for Your Print Job

uPrint offers access to black & white printers and costs $.08 per page. Some computer labs on campus offer additional printing options, including larger paper and color printouts. These printing options vary by location.

To pay for your print job, you must have funds available on your Redbird Card or your Student Print Allowance. For information on how to check the available funds of the Student Print Allowance or add funds to your Redbird Card, please view the following articles:

Releasing a Print Job at a uPrint Station

To release and pick up your print job, please do the following:

  1. After submitting your print job, find the nearest uPrint station (a list of available locations is located under the uPrint Station Locations section of this article).
  2. Once you arrive to the specified location, move the mouse or press a key to wake up the uPrint release station (figure 1).

Figure 1:

  1. Enter your ULID and password to login to the release station.
  1. Locate the job(s) that you have submitted to the release stations.
  1. Select the job(s) that you want to print by selecting the check boxes next to the job type and title (figure 2).

Figure 2:

  1. Adjustments may be made to your print options for your job if it was submitted via the uPrint website, Email, or Mobile App (figure 3).

Figure 3:

NOTE: The options will be unchangeable and greyed out if you printed from a lab computer using File > Print…

  1. Once you are ready to print, click the Print button under Destination.


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