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Illinois State University

Known Error: Redbird Return to Campus Training Website is Not Showing Green Checkmarks for Completion

Some users are reporting that when they have finished their COVID-19 Redbird Return to Campus Training module, the green check mark to signify a completed training does not appear.

If you have finished your COVID-19 Redbird Return to Campus Training module and the green check marks are not showing up to signify that you have completed the training, please read below on how to resolve it.

Quickly check to see if it is completed

You should be able to “Review” the training once it is complete in case you would like to watch it again. This page should say that your training is marked as “Finished”.

  1. To access this page, click on one of the training modules. You should be navigated to the summary page of that specific training. If you see a “Finished” status underneath “Status”, the training is complete and no further action is needed.Image

  2. If you see “In Progress” you will need to watch the training again.

Retake the training

If the above fix did not resolve your issue, you may need to watch the video(s) again.

  1. Watch the video(s) again. Click on the training and click “Launch” to start the video. Watch through until the end.

  2. Once you are at the end of the video, click the [Exit] button at the top left corner of the small window the video is in. The “Status” should change from “In Progress” to “Viewed” next to the Status button once it has been watched until the end. Do not click the “X” button on the window, otherwise the session will not count and you will need to watch the video again.

  3. After you have clicked “Exit” you should see the course summary page change. It will have a [Certify] button on the screen. Click the [Certify] button.Image

  4. You will now be navigated to a new window. Read the disclaimer, mark [Yes] in the checkbox to confirm that you completed the training, then click [Submit]. After that, you will be notified that it is okay to close the window.

  5. Go back to the training summary page. You should now see the training marked as “Finished”

Still Need Assistance?

If your trainings are still not marked as “Finished” please call the Technology Support Center at (309) 438-4357 or submit a help ticket at IThelp.IllinoisState.Edu/Request.