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How to Switch Views in a Zoom Meeting

There are 2 different views that you can select from when in a Zoom meeting.

Speaker: This is the default video layout and will actively switch the large video window between who is actively speaking.

Gallery: This view will allow you to see up to 49 participants at a time in place of the large window. If you have more than 49 participants, then you will have to scroll to see the rest.

Switching Views


  1. When in a Zoom meeting, locate and select the Gallery View button in the upper right-hand corner.
    Note: Gallery view should not be used to record Zoom meetings. The meeting host should switch to speaker view prior to starting the recording.


  1. If you would like to switch back to the Speaker view, click the Speaker View button.


How to Get Help

For technical assistance, please contact the Technology Support Center by phone (309) 438-4357, or by email at


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