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Illinois State University

How to Report Network Issues

Students, faculty, and staff experiencing wireless or wired network issues on campus may report the issue in order to request assistance.

Common network issues include:

  • Unable to access websites or Internet resources
  • Slow network connection
  • Broken network jack

Report a Network Issue

To report a network issue via web form:

  1. Navigate to the IT Help website at, click Log in, and log in with your ULID and password.
  2. Click Get Help.
  3. Fill out and submit the IT Help Support Request Form.
  4. Include details such as the type of error, wired or wireless (port number if wired), building and room number

Important: If you are reporting a wired network issue, please provide the associated port number if possible, in order to expedite troubleshooting efforts. Each network port is labeled with a sticker that bears the port number.

To report a network issue via other means:

Students, faculty, and staff may also report a network issue by calling the Technology Support Center at (309) 438-4357, or by email at If reporting by email, please remember to include your location, and if reporting a wired issue please include the jack number.

In addition, faculty and staff may also elect to report a network issue by contacting their local tech support.

Additional Information