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Illinois State University

Overview of Email at Illinois State University

Office 365 for email is the email system in use at Illinois State University.

Accessing your Illinois State University Office 365 Email Account

Your Illinois State University Office 365 Email may be accessed in several ways:

  • Via the Web - Log into the Office 365 website at
  • Via Email Client - Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, and others
  • Via Mobile Device - iPhone, iPad, Android device, Windows device, and others

For more information, please refer to the section titled About Office 365 Email in the following knowledge article: Overview of Office 365

Your Email Address

Your ULID is the “user name” portion of your email address. You can use either or as the “domain” portion of your email address, following the format below (Important: Only will be accepted as the Log-in email):

  • Example: Reggie Redbird’s email address can be typed as either or Both are valid.
    • Note: When logging into the Office 365 portal, you will be required to use only the format

Distribution Lists

Distribution List is an address associated with one or more members. It is not an email account; it does not have its own user name or password. Instead, email sent to a Distribution List is delivered to the members of the list. Departments and other groups will often create email Distribution Lists so they have public email addresses for their organizations. For example, Reggie Redbird belongs to an organization called “Illinois State Athletics” and belongs to the Distribution List. As an employee of the University, or as a member of a campus organization, you may be an owner or member of one or more email Distribution Lists.

Additional Email Services

Virus and Spam Protection

Virus scans take place at the server level, and all incoming email is scanned before it is delivered to your Inbox. This adds a layer of protection beyond anti virus software you may be running on your computer. Incoming email is also evaluated to determine if it is spam, or junk mail. Email sent from known spam or phishing attempts is blocked automatically. Emails suspected of being spam are flagged as such and are automatically placed in your Junk Email folder.

For more information, please refer to:


Listservs are used at Illinois State by faculty, staff, and students to receive announcements and to communicate about classes, business, technology, and other issues. You are automatically subscribed to some Listservs based upon your affiliation, and you can sign up for others based on your interests and membership in organizations or departments on campus.

For more information, please refer to:

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