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Illinois State University

How Do I Get to My Courses in ReggieNet?

Students and instructors can access courses and course material through ReggieNet.

Before You Begin

ReggieNet is an online course management system based on Sakai used by faculty and students at Illinois State University. Classes offered through Illinois State University may use ReggieNet to deliver course materials, assignments, quizzes and tests to students.

Overview of ReggieNet

Access Courses in ReggieNet

To access your courses in ReggieNet, do the following:

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Locate the course links in the Site Navigation at the top of the page.
    • Some of your courses are displayed here. Click on a course to go to that course, or select the dropdown menu to go directly to a specific tool.
  3. Locate the Sites button in the Site Navigation at the top of the page.
    • All of your active course sites are displayed.

Note: If you would like your courses to appear in the Site Navigation bar, you will need to add them to favorites.

More Information

While Reggienet is widely used, not every professor will use Reggienet. In addition, there are a few reasons that you may be in a course that uses Reggienet, but you may not see the course. If you are having difficulties seeing a course in Reggienet, please check the following:

If you are a student:

  • Verify with your instructor that the course you are in uses Reggienet.
  • Verify that you are registered for the correct course and section number. If you registered or dropped a class, it typically takes one business day to show in Reggienet.
  • The class may not be published. If it is several weeks before the class will begin, the class may not be published in Reggienet. If you believe the course should be published, you can contact the Technology Support Center at 309-438-4357, or by email at to verify that you are in the class roster.

If you are an instructor:

  • Verify with your School/Department that you have been entered as the instructor of record for that course.
  • Contact the Technology Support Center at 309-438-4357, or, and explain the situation and that you have verified the that you are the instructor on record. The Support Center will contact the ReggieNet system administrators to have them address the issue.

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