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Illinois State University

Submitting a Print Job via Email

Users may submit their print jobs via email and pick them up at a uPrint release station. To send your print jobs, do the following:

Email a Print Job

Send an email to with the items you are wanting to print. There are two different methods to submit a job:

  1. Attach documents
  2. Use the body of the email

Submitted jobs will be handled in the following ways:

If there is an attachment(s), each item will be created as separate print jobs. If there are no attachments, the body of your email will be created as a print job.

By default, all jobs will be Black & White / Single-Sided and can be changed at the print release station or website.

Job Processing

After sending an email to the email address with the documents you are wanting to print, you will receive a confirmation email when your print jobs are ready to release (figure 1):

Figure 1:
Image of the confirmation email that your documents are ready to print

You may now go to any uPrint release station and print out your job. For more details on releasing a job, see Where to Pick Up and Pay for your uPrint Print Job

Optionally, you can log into the uPrint website after submitting to edit any attributes on the job before going to a release station (figure 2).

Figure 2:
Image of your documents in the uPrint release station with print options highlighted.

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