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Illinois State University

How to pick up a SendTo File when Off Campus

If you are off-campus and need to pick up a file from SendTo, please follow the directions below


 1. Navigate to the email that was sent to you from SendTo and open it (See Figure 1)


Figure 1:




2. Click the blue hyperlink under the "Please click on the following link to download attachments:" message. Alternatively, you can click on the blue button labeled [Download Files] (See Figure 2).



Figure 2:



3. You will be presented with an Authorization Field. Enter your Email into the Authorization Field and click [Authorize] (See Figure 3).


Figure 3:

4. Using the same device and browser, go back to your email's inbox and either click the [Validate Email] button (See Figure 4) or enter the Validation Code in the Verify Field (See Figure 5) in the new window that opens and then click [Verify]. If you fail to verify in 1 hour, your Validation Code will expire. If this happens, click the [Resend Validation Email] button to have a new code sent to you (See Figure 5).



Figure 4


Figure 5:



5. Read the Terms of Service. If you agree to the terms, click the [accept the terms of service] check box and then click the blue [accept button] to proceed (See Figure 6).



Figure 6:



6. You can now download the attached files that were sent to you using SendTo by clicking on the file name next to Attached Files (See Figure 7).


Figure 7:


Click the file(s) to download them.