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Illinois State University

Student Technology QuickStart - Tools You Will Use

My Illinois State is the online home for students and the go-to place for everything they need. Online services including Email, class schedules, to-do list items, financial aid, grades, and course registration are all viewed and managed through this portal.

Overview of My Illinois State


ReggieNet is the online course system used at Illinois State University. Learning how to navigate and perform basic functions in ReggieNet will help you to succeed in your classes.

Many of your professors will utilize some aspect of ReggieNet as part of their classes. ReggieNet may be used for class announcements, online discussions, electronic submission of assignments, and online tests or quizzes.

You can access your ReggieNet course sites by logging into

Overview of ReggieNet

Office 365

Office 365 is where you will find your Illinois State University email account along with access to your OneDrive to store your files and other Office apps.

Overview of Office 365

ISU Emergency Alerts

You may sign up for ISU Emergency Alerts to receive notifications about emergencies on or near campus that threaten health and safety. You can choose to have ISU Emergency Alerts sent to your mobile phone as voice or text messages, and you can specify an alternate email address where you’d like notifications sent.

Understanding the ISU Emergency Alert System at Illinois State University

Tech Alerts

Tech Alerts keep you updated on all technical alerts and outages that happen on campus. You can visit to see the latest tech alerts.


uPrint is the campus printing service that allows students to print from campus uLab locations or from their personal devices while on campus. uPrint stations are located all around campus to pay and pick up your print job.

Overview of uPrint Mobile Printing on Campus.

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