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Illinois State University

Overview of Datastore

Your personal network share on Datastore may be used to store personal files or to host a personal website. All members of Illinois State University have access to the Datastore server, with 1 GB of disk space on which you can store files and host a personal website. Some English courses also may utilize Datastore for writing assignments.

Your Datastore share may be accessed from any computer that has an Internet connection; however, if you are connected to an off-campus network, you will need to first establish a VPN connection in order to connect to Datastore.

Note: Another option storage option available to University students, faculty, staff, and annuitants is the Office 365 OneDrive for Business online app. Unlike your Datastore share, you may access your Office 365 OneDrive for Business app from anywhere without requiring a VPN connection to the campus network. For more information regarding OneDrive for Business, please refer to:

Your Personal Share on Datastore

You may use your personal share on Datastore to store files or documents or to host a personal web page. You must comply with the University’s Appropriate Use Policy, and you must not store copyrighted files if doing so would constitute copyright infringement. Up to 1 GB of storage is available for your use in Datastore. To check how much storage remains available to you, please refer to:

Store Your Files

Because it can be accessed from anywhere on campus or off campus, Datastore is perfect for storing files.

  • You have 1GB of disk space on your personal share.
  • Store homework assignments, Word documents, PDFs, pictures, etc.
  • Backup important files to Datastore.
  • Other people cannot access your files, except for those in your “web” folder.

Acceptable content

  • A research paper from your class
  • Pictures from your vacation
  • Online portfolios and/or résumé
  • A web project for your class

Unacceptable content

  • Pornographic images or video
  • Copyrighted images, music, or video that you do not legally own
  • Anything from which you financially profit

You are the only person who can create and modify files in your personal share on Datastore. Files stored on your share that are not in the “web” directory are private and can only be accessed by you. Files stored in the “web” directory on your personal share are publicly accessible via your website.

Your Personal Website

You may create a personal website in Datastore. Your personal web address is “”.

  • For example, Reggie Redbird’s ULID is rrredbi, so his website is located at “” (the little squiggle before your ULID is called a tilde and is located to the left of the “1” key on your keyboard).

Files placed in the “web” directory of your personal share on Datastore are publicly accessible via your web address. Any files not located within the “web” directory are private and cannot be accessed through the Web.

How do I create a web page?

Use an HTML editor to make web pages. If you are a novice, we suggest using a program like Microsoft Web Expressions or Adobe Dreamweaver. These applications have tools and options similar to those found in Microsoft Word.

Your home page file must be named index.html (recommended), welcome.html, or default.html. After you create your web page, copy your web files (including images) into the “web” directory in your personal share on Datastore. Your website will be available immediately thereafter.

Why do I get a “404 Not Found” error on my website?

The “404 Not Found” error is caused by one of two problems:

  • Your home page is not named correctly.
  • Your website files are not located in the “web” folder on your Datastore share.

For more information, please refer to:

What web technologies are available for my personal website?

You can host web page files that are created using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). These types of files have a .html file extension. You can also display picture files like .jpg, .png, or .gif. You can link to any type of file.

You can also use any language the runs client side, like JavaScript. Server-side scripting languages like PHP, ASP, CGI, etc. are not enabled on personal shares. Personal shares do not have access to any databases.

Display PowerPoint Presentations Using Your Datastore Web Share

You may display PowerPoint presentations on the web by saving a presentation to your Datastore “web” share. For more information, please refer to:

STV250 Share on Datastore

English classes use the STV250 share on Datastore for collaborative writing:

  • Your English instructor will explain how to use the STV250 share on Datastore.
  • You can access the STV250 share during class and outside of class.
  • You are responsible for managing your own files in the STV250 share.

For more information on the STV250 share on Datastore, refer to:

Connecting to Datastore

Connect to Datastore by mapping network drives on your computer.

Note: If you are attempting to connect to Datastore from an off-campus network, you must first establish a VPN connection to the University:

If you are connected to the campus network, or have already established a VPN connection to the University, you may connect to Datastore by mapping Network Drives to your Datastore share. For more information regarding this, please refer to:

How to Get Help

For technical assistance, you may contact the Technology Support Center at 309-438-4357, or by email at

Known Errors: