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How to drop off and pick up files in SendTo

SendTo is a web-based application that allows you to share files with others securely.

SendTo allows students, faculty, and staff of Illinois State University to share files with others in a secure manner. You can use SendTo to share files with other members of the University or with third parties.

Use SendTo to share files when:

  • Files are too big to be sent as email attachments
  • Files contain Restricted or Highly Restricted data
  • You want to share files with someone

When you use SendTo, you will upload files to the SendTo website and add one or more recipients. After you drop off/send the files, an email is sent to all recipients with a link that allows them to download the files. When your recipients download files you’ve dropped off, you will receive an email notification so you know the files have been downloaded.

Dropping Off Files

To share files with others using SendTo, do the following:

  1. Go to and log in with your ULID and password.

  2. Enter the email address of the recipient into the TO field (figure 1, step 1).

    • To add more than one recipient, include additional email addresses separated with a comma.
  3. Enter a subject of your choosing into the SUBJECT field (This is a required field) (figure 1, step 2).

  4. Type a message to the sender in the MESSAGE field (e.g., Please see the attached files for your requested VPN software) (figure 1, step 3).

  5. In the Attached Files section, you can either drag and drop a file or click the [Add Files] button to manually choose a file to attach (figure 1, step 4).

    Figure 1:

  6. Mark additional options you would like to include with your file drop off.

    • Check the Private Message box (figure 2), to send a secure message to the recipient. The recipient will receive an email with a button/link to view the private message.

    • To send a copy of the drop off to your ISU email account, check the Send a Copy To Myself box. Leave this box unchecked if you do not wish to receive a copy.

      Figure 2:

  7. When you are ready to send the file(s) you uploaded, click [Send].

You will receive an email notification from SendTo when your recipient(s) download the file(s) you have sent. The email message will have the subject of "File Download Receipt [ID: 12ABC345DEF6789GHI] subject message (The ID will be random and the “subject message” will be whatever you entered into the Subject field).

Picking Up Files

When someone shares one or more files with you via SendTo, you will receive an email notification from SendTo. The email message will have the subject, SendTo Illinois State Redbird, Reggie has dropped off a file for you.

Within the email, you will find a link to the files on SendTo, click the link in the email. You will be presented with a Drop-Off Summary page which allows you to download the files that have been dropped off for you by clicking the link next to the Attached Files section (figure 4).

Figure 4:

An email notification is sent to the person who dropped off the files for you when you download them.

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