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Using Zoom with ReggieNet

Zoom is a collaboration tool for individual and group chats, audio and video conferencing, and screen sharing. Zoom is available in all ReggieNet courses. The following article will guide you through scheduling and starting a Zoom meeting in your ReggieNet course.

Schedule a Zoom Meeting

To schedule a meeting, do the following:

  1. Go to and login with your ULID and Password.
  2. Click the Course Name.
  3. Click Zoom from the left-hand tool menu.
  4. Once the app loads, you will see the option to Schedule a New Meeting along with any upcoming meetings.
  5. Click Schedule a New Meeting (figure 1).

Figure 1:

  1. Enter the meeting details including when, duration, and video and audio settings (figure 2).

Figure 2:

  1. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Your meeting will now show in the list of Upcoming Meetings.

Start a Zoom Meeting

To start a Zoom meeting, do the following:

  1. Go to and login with your ULID and Password.
  2. Click the Course Name.
  3. Click Zoom from the left-hand tool menu.
  4. Locate the appropriate meeting in the list of Upcoming Meetings and click Start (figure 3).

Figure 3:

  1. After clicking start, you may be promoted to download the web client for Zoom.
  2. After downloading and installing, the web client will launch.
  3. Choose one of the audio conference options and click the Join button.
    • For classroom use, it is preferred to join with computer audio.

Your computer has now connected, and the Zoom meeting started. For more information on using Zoom in the classroom, see the instructor tips under Additional Resources below.

When students go to the Zoom tool within ReggieNet, they will see the list of meetings. To join the Zoom meeting, the student will click Join next to the corresponding meeting (figure 4).

Figure 4:

Additional instruction for students can be found in the following article, How to Attend a Zoom Meeting or Lecture on ReggieNet.

Setting up a Zoom Meeting in more than one ReggieNet Course

You will be unable to setup one meeting for multiple ReggieNet courses due to the way Zoom works in ReggieNet.

The recommended action is to schedule a New Meeting through the Zoom website at IllinoisState.Zoom.Us or through the Zoom Application

Once the meeting is set up using one of the above methods, you can then share the Meeting ID through the Announcements Section in ReggieNet.

Additional Resources

The following resources are available to assist with educating through Zoom:

Known Errors

The following error may be experienced using this tool, click the article title to learn more:

Still Need Assistance?

  • For Technical Assistance, please contact the Technology Support Center at 309-438-4357, or contact them via email at
  • For instructional support, please contact the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology at or (309) 438-2542.
  • For assistance using Zoom in classroom spaces, contact Learning Spaces & Audio Visual Technologies at (309) 438-7412.

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