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Illinois State University

How to Change your Voice Mail PIN

You can change your voice mail PIN whenever you need.

Before You Begin

You must enter your voice mail PIN to access your voice mail. If you need to change your voice mail PIN, you can do so by following the instructions below.

The first time you set up your voice mail, you were prompted to change it. The instructions below describe how to change your security code after the first time.

Change Your Voice Mail PIN

To change your voice mail PIN, do the following:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • From your campus phone, press the Messages button or dial 8-3000.
    • From another campus phone, dial 8-3000.
    • From a mobile phone or an off-campus phone, dial 309-438-3000.
  2. If you are accessing your voice mail from a phone other than your campus phone, do the following:
    • After connecting to the campus phone system, press the star key *.
    • You will be prompted to enter your ID, which is your five-digit phone number, followed by the pound key #.
  3. Enter your PIN followed by the pound key #.
  4. Your new messages begin playing immediately.
    • Listen to your new messages or wait until message playback begins and then press the star key [] to go to the main menu. If you press the star key () too soon, you will be sent to an operator instead of being taken to the main menu and will need to hang up and try again.
  5. Press 4 to enter setup options.
  6. Press 3 to enter preferences.
  7. Press 1 to change your PIN.
  8. Listen to the explanation of your voice mail PIN. Then enter your new PIN followed by the pound key #.
  9. Enter your new PIN again followed by the pound key # to confirm it.

The system will confirm that you have successfully changed your voice mail PIN.

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