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Illinois State University

Spam Filtering at Illinois State University

The spam filtering system at Illinois State University detects incoming spam and delivers suspected spam to your Junk Email folder.

Spam Filtering System

All incoming email is scanned by Illinois State’s spam filtering system. The system evaluates incoming messages and assigns them to one of three categories.

  • Legitimate email
  • Suspected spam
  • Definitely spam

The spam filtering system handles each type of email differently.

  • Legitimate emails are delivered to your Inbox.
  • Emails that are suspected of being spam are delivered to your junk folder
  • Emails that are definitely spam are blocked.

Junk Email Folder

The spam filtering system will place emails that are suspected of being spam in your Junk Email folder.

Suspected spam is placed in a folder named Junk E-mail. All Office 365 Email accounts and Exchange accounts include a folder named Junk E-mail.

You may want to periodically check your junk folder to see if it contains any messages you want to read.

Accessing Your Junk Email Folder

You can view your Junk Email folder online at, by using a client (such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird). Your junk folder appears along with your other folders. It might appear at the top of the folder list near your Inbox and other important folders, or it might appear lower in the list, alphabetically.

Email Forwarding and Inbox Rules

If you have set up an Inbox Rule in Office 365 to have your email redirected to a third-party email address (like Gmail), you should note that suspected spam emails are held in the Junk Email folder in Office 365, and will not be redirected. To view the contents of your Junk Email folder, you will need to access your ISU Office 365 email account.

How to Get Help

For technical assistance, you may contact the Technology Support Center at 309-438-4357, or by email at

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