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Illinois State University

Overview of Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing tool in use at Illinois State University. To access zoom, navigate to On this page, you can Join or Host a session, or Sign in to manage your account.

The Zoom accounts available to Illinois State University faculty, staff, and students are more secure than the free Zoom accounts available to the public. Information on Zoom privacy and security from Illinois State University’s Information Security Office may be found here.

Who Can Access Zoom Pro?

All current faculty, staff, and students are licensed for Zoom Pro. Zoom Pro allows you to host a session with no time limit and have up to 300 participants in the session. Grace faculty, staff, and students will maintain access through their grace period.

How to Activate your Zoom License

Faculty, staff, and students will need to activate their Zoom license prior to being able to use all features of Zoom including its integration with ReggieNet. To activate your Zoom account, do the following:

Once you are directed to your Zoom profile page, your account has been activated and you may close the window.

NOTE: Users may need to log-out and log back in to ReggieNet for the Zoom tab in courses to work.

How to Use Zoom

To learn more about how to use Zoom and the different features in the tool, refer to the following:

Basic Meeting Settings

Advanced Meeting Settings

Best Practices for Managing and Protecting a Zoom Meeting

Teaching with Zoom

To learn more about using Zoom in ReggieNet, see Using Zoom with ReggieNet.

For more information on Teaching with Zoom visit CTLT’s Teaching with Zoom web page here.

Additional Resources

The following resources are available to assist with educating through Zoom:

Common Problems with Zoom

Having Audio Issues?

If you are having audio issues on your computer, please refer to the following knowledge article on how to configure your audio settings on your Windows or Mac machine:

Changing Sound Settings on a Windows and Mac Computer

If you are having audio issues in Zoom itself, but your audio device is working fine, please read the following Zoom article on configuring and testing your audio devices in a Zoom meeting:

Testing Computer or Device Audio in Zoom

Known Issues

The following issues have been identified with Zoom. Click the article title to learn more about the issue and any known workarounds.

Still Need Assistance?