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Illinois State University

Overview of Conference Calls at Illinois State University

Illinois State University provides three options for faculty and staff to set up and use conference calls.

Faculty and staff members of Illinois State University have three options for setting up and using conference calls. These options are described below.

VoIP Phone

All campus Cisco IP phones have the capability to conference up to 8 callers together (including the host). To start a conference call, you must call each participant individually and add them to the call using the Conference option on your Cisco IP phone.

MeetMe Conference Call

MeetMe is a feature offered for users of Cisco IP phones. To use this feature of your Cisco IP phone, you must first request for MeetMe to be enabled and you must receive fiscal approval. MeetMe will enable you to set up a conference call bridge that can be joined by up to 10 callers (including the host). MeetMe conference call numbers are sometimes shared by groups or departments. It is recommended that such shared conference call numbers be scheduled to prevent multiple conference calls from attempting to utilize the same conference call bridge at the same time.

AT&T Conference Call

You may request an AT&T Toll-Free Conference Call account, which requires fiscal approval. If approved, an AT&T toll-free conference call number will be assigned to you by AT&T. You can use this service to open a conference bridge that will allow up to 250 callers to join. You must provide your callers with the toll-free conference number and access code so they can join your conference calls.

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