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Illinois State University

Searching the Corporate Directory on your VoIP Phone

The corporate directory is a directory of all students, faculty, staff and retirees at Illinois State University. It contains only local phone numbers.

Before you begin

Faculty and staff records usually contain on-campus 438 phone numbers. Students’ records may contain 436 phone numbers.

Some people do not have a local phone on record, so their entries do not contain any phone numbers.

Some people, especially students, may have off-campus or long-distance “local” phone numbers.

Searching the Corporate Directory

To search the corporate directory, do the following:

  1. Press the Directories button.
  2. Use the arrow pad to highlight Corporate Directory.
  3. Press the Select button.
  4. Use the arrow pad to highlight First Name or Last Name.
  5. Enter a first name or last name (or both) in the appropriate fields.

5a. Press the number pad key that corresponds to the first letter of the name.

5b. This brings up a mini-menu that contains each letter in the key you pressed. Quickly press the key again to select a different letter.

5c. Pausing causes your phone to accept the selected letter.

5d. Press the << button to backspace if you make a mistake.

5e. You can search for partial names, as well as complete names.

  1. Press the Search button.

6a. Searching returns a list of names that match the partial or complete name you entered. If the person has a phone number on record, it is displayed underneath the person’s name.

  1. When you are done, press the Exit button.

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