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Overview of Delve in Office 365

Microsoft Delve is an information management tool, designed to allow you to quickly discover information you are likely to find interesting.  Documents that you or your coworkers have been working on are arranged into tiles on the home screen.  It is also possible to look more closely at specific people or documents to learn more.


Microsoft Delve is available as a part of the Office365 suite provided to all members of Illinois State University.  You can access Microsoft Delve by logging into If you do not see Delve in your list of apps, you may need to click [Explore all your apps].  



Using Delve


Upon logging into Delve, you will first be presented with the home screen.  The Home Screen organizes popular documents that you or coworkers may be working on.  This information is presented in tiles that show the author, type of document, document name, and a screenshot if applicable.


At the bottom of each pane are shortcuts to bookmark, add to a board, and more. You can click on the name or picture associated with a document to go directly to that document. You can also click on the name associated with the tile to see more information about that person.




Person View


Delve also allows you to view specific information about an individual.  Click on their name to be taken to their page.  The page will show you important information such as contact information, availability, organizational details (such as who they report to, and who reports to them).  There is also collected information on what documents they are working on, related people, and documents that are related to that user, even if they have not modified it recently.




Documents in Delve


Please note, that for a document to appear to other people in Delve, it must be shared on OneDrive or Sharepoint.  Your private documents (such as those saved to your computer, or your personal OneDrive) will not show on Delve. You may see who can view a document in delve by clicking on the Ellipses [...] and selecting [Who can see this?].


Documents are not stored within Delve.  Anything that appears on Delve is still stored in its original location (which is visible at the bottom of the document pane).  




Additional Information

Delve has the power to change the way you find information. Instead of having to find a document based on its filename and sorting through pages of search results, it presents you with documents that are important to you and your team.


To review detailed information about how to use Delve: What is Office Delve? on Microsoft Support page. 



How to Get Help


For technical assistance, you may contact the Technology Support Center at 309-438-4357, or by email at




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