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Illinois State University

Unable to Access Wireless Network on Mac OS X after Changing ULID Password

You are unable to access the “isunet” or “isu-resnet-StartHere” wireless networks after updating your ULID password.

This issue applies to Mac OS X 10.7 and higher.


Mac OS X is storing your old ULID password and will not prompt you to enter your new password. To change your ULID password, you can access the Keychain.

To update the University wireless network password, do the following:

  1. Click Spotlight, located in the upper-right corner. It should look like a magnifying glass.

  2. Type Keychain Access.

  3. Under Top Hit, double-click Keychain Access.

  4. Select Log in under Keychains to the left.

  5. Select Passwords under Category.

  6. To the right will the be list of wireless networks and other locations where a password is saved. Double-click the name of the wireless network (e.g. isunet or isu-restnet-StartHere). You may have to scroll and find it.

    • Mac OS X 10.7 and above displays only the name of the wireless network (e.g. isunet or isu-restnet-StartHere).
  7. Select 802.1X Password under Kind.

  8. Place a check mark in the Show Password check box.

  9. Enter your computer password to authenticate so you can make a change to the network password.

  10. Click Allow. The text box to the right of Show Password will display your old password.

  11. Type in your new password in place of the old password.

  12. Click Save Changes.

After updating the password, turn off the Wi-fi and turn it back on before connecting to the wireless network.