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Illinois State University

Overview of Tech Alerts

Visit the Tech Alerts website at to obtain information about current and upcoming Information Technology (IT) outages, issues, and maintenance at Illinois State University.




Tech Alerts Website


The Tech Alerts website is where you will find information about current and upcoming outages, maintenance, and technology issues at Illinois State University.


The Tech Alerts website ( is where you may find information about:


  • Network and system unplanned outages/issues
  • Network and system upcoming planned maintenance
  • Phishing emails targeting Illinois State
  • Other technology-related issues or threats


If you are experiencing a problem accessing an IT service on campus, check the Tech Alerts website to see if the issue has already been reported to the Technology Support Center. If you don’t see your issue on the Tech Alerts website, contact the Technology Support Center (contact information at bottom of article) to report it. The Support Center will assist you in troubleshooting the problem and, depending on the nature of the issue, a new tech alert may be posted to the Tech Alerts website. You may also see a list of past issues on the website.




Current Unplanned Outages and Issues


Current unplanned outages or issues will appear at the top of the website, and will look similar to the image below. If there are no ongoing issues posted, you will see a message with a green heading stating “All Systems Operational”.





Phishing Emails


Phishing emails that target the University may be posted to the Tech Alerts website. If you receive a suspicious email, especially one that asks you to “verify your account” or which asks you to click a link and enter your password, please visit the Tech Alerts website before responding to the email or following the email instructions; it may already be posted to the site.

If you have received a phishing email that is written to appear as though it originated from ISU, and that has not yet been posted to the Tech Alerts website, please forward the phishing email to (forwarding the message with full headers is preferred). Once the Support Center has received the phishing email, it will be posted to the Tech Alerts website.




Subscribe to Notifications


Sign up for Tech Alerts notifications to be immediately notified when new alerts and updates are posted to the Tech Alerts website.

Email: Have email notifications sent to your Illinois State email address.

SMS Text Messages: Have SMS text messages sent to your phone.

To sign up for Tech Alerts email and/or text notifications, refer to:


How to Subscribe to Tech Alert Notifications at Illinois State University




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Follow Us on Facebook and Twitter


Join the Technology Support Center on Facebook to stay informed about technology alerts on campus.

Facebook: ISU ITHelp

Twitter: ISU ITHelp




How to Get Help


For technical assistance, please contact the Technology Support Center at (309) 438-4357, by email at, or you may also visit our website at to submit a ticket online.