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Illinois State University

Overview of LiveText by Watermark

LiveText by Watermark is used by students, faculty, and staff as part of teacher education programs throughout Illinois State University.

What is LiveText?

Illinois State University students, faculty, and staff use LiveText to manage key assignments throughout the Teacher Education experience.

Faculty and staff use LiveText to support accreditation by managing assignments, assessing with rubrics, developing reports, analyzing data, accessing student samples, and showcasing information in a virtual exhibit center.

LiveText is used by teacher education program members in the College of Applied Science and Technology, the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Business, the College of Education, and the College of Fine Arts.

Where can I get help with LiveText?

The College of Education (COE) provides help with LiveText .

You may also find answers to your questions on the Watermark (LiveText) Inc. website, or their Help Center which are external websites and are not affiliated with Illinois State University.

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