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Understanding Forums in ReggieNet

The Forums tool allows instructors to create forums, also called Discussions, and topics for their students.

Before You Begin

Courses in ReggieNet offer students and instructors the opportunity to engage in online discussions. Only members of a given course can view and participate in discussions for that course.


The Forums tool in ReggieNet allows instructors to create new forums and topics. Students cannot create new forums, but they can participate by creating conversations (threads) and posting comments.

To get the most out of Forums, you need to understand the basic organization:

  • Forum - The first step in using Forums is to create a forum. The forum you create might contain several topics about different subjects or they could all be related.
  • Topic - Each forum should have at least one topic. A topic serves to focus discussions around a specific subject.
  • Conversation - Each topic should have at least one conversation (or thread). A conversation begins with a post about the topic and typically involves comments and responses from several people.
  • Post - Each conversation can have one or more posts. When a student or instructor makes a comment in a conversation, it is called a post (or a forum message).


An English instructor decides to use Forums in ReggieNet to encourage students to talk about the reading assignments which will be handed out throughout the semester.

The instructor starts by creating a new forum called "Reading Assignments" and then decides to create a topic for each of the three authors assigned to the class -- Shakespeare, Mark Twain, and Charles Dickens.

Students (and the instructor) can now create new conversations within the three topics. For example, the instructor could create a new thread called "What did you think of Romeo & Juliet?" in the "Shakespeare" topic. Likewise, a student could create a new thread to start another conversation.

Students (and the instructor) can respond to any conversations with their own posts. Most activity on your forum will come from posts made by students and the instructor.

More Information

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