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Unable to Find Course in ReggieNet


You are able to log in to ReggieNet, but you are unable to find one or more of your courses. The information in this article applies to students.


There are three common reasons you may be unable to find your courses in ReggieNet.

Follow the suggestions below:

  1. Make sure you are registered for the course. You must be registered for a course before you will see it in ReggieNet.
    • If you have just registered for a course, it will typically take one business day to appear in ReggieNet. If you register for a course on Friday, it may not appear in ReggieNet until Monday of the following week.
    • To verify that you are registered for a course, either log in to, or contact the Registrar Service Center at 309-438-2188. For information on how to see your schedule on reference the following article:


2. Your course is not listed in the usual place you are use to looking:


    • In ReggieNet look under the Sites menu at the top right of the screen to see all sites and add sites to favorites.
    • Courses in ReggieNet are listed in two places. You can find links to some of your courses in the Site Navigation at the top of the page. The More Sites button will list all of your active courses. For more information on this refer to the following article:
  1. Your instructor has not yet published the course in ReggieNet.
    • Instructors must manually publish courses in Reggienet before they are visible to students.
    • If you have verified that you are registered for the course and you have looked in Site, then it’s possible that the course has not yet been published by your instructor.

To determine if a course has been published in ReggieNet, do one or more of the following:

  • Ask your instructor if the course has been published in ReggieNet. Your professor will need to manually publish the course before it becomes visible, and it will take up to one business day for it to appear.
  • Ask other students in the course if they are able to access it in ReggieNet. If they can, then you know the course has been published.


How to Get Help

If you have completed the suggestions above and are still having problems accessing your courses in ReggieNet, you may contact the Technology Support Center at 309-438-4357, or at for additional assistance.

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