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Illinois State University

What to Do If You Suspect Your ULID Account May be Compromised?

Students, faculty, staff, and annuitants who suspect their ULID account may be compromised should contact the Technology Support Center immediately for assistance in order to secure your account.

How Do I Know If My ULID Account Has Been Compromised?

There are a number of signs to look for that may be indicators that your ULID account has been compromised. Some examples are:

  • There are a number of items in the Sent folder of my ISU email account that you don’t remember sending.
  • All incoming mail to your ISU email account starts going directly to my Deleted Items folder.
  • You received a large number of bounceback, or undeliverable, email responses for email messages you don’t remember sending.
  • You are unable to send email from you ISU email account.
  • You are unable to send email to addresses outside of Illinois State University using your ISU email account.
  • Your password has changed, and you don’t remember changing it.
  • Any unexplained activity involving your account that you cannot explain.

If you suspect your account may be compromised for any reason, please contact the Technology Support Center for assistance at (309) 438-4357.