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Automatic Removal of Deleted Email and Junk Email Messages

To help you manage unwanted email, old, deleted emails and spam emails are automatically removed from your account.

Automatic Email Removal

In Office 365, emails placed in the Deleted Items and Junk E-mail folders are automatically removed from your account.

Only email that meets the following criteria will be removed by the system automatically:

  • Emails stored in Deleted Items for 30 days
  • Emails stored in your Junk E-Mail folders for 30 days
  • Emails in your Deleted Items or Junk E-mail folders in
  • Email messages stored in any mailbox folder other than Deleted Items or Junk E-mail will not be affected, regardless of how old they are.

All email messages that meet the criteria outlined above will be automatically removed. Office 365 will continue to remove email each day that meets the criteria.

Best Practices for Email

We encourage you to follow these best practices as they benefit all email users.

  • Use your Inbox as a point of delivery rather than storage space. Try to keep your Inbox clean by moving important emails to separate mailboxes and deleting unwanted ones. A clean Inbox leads to faster email and better performance; an Inbox clogged with email can result in slow load times and possibly even email corruption.
  • Create mailbox folders to store and organize your email. If you need to organize and store email efficiently, create separate mailbox folders. For example, create a mailbox called “Work” for work-related email. Organizing email this way is better (and safer) than storing messages in folders designated for deleted email and spam email.
  • Don’t store important emails in your Trash or Junk folders. If you use Exchange, don’t store important emails in your Deleted Items or Junk E-mail folders. These folders are intended only to store unwanted emails. Because email in these folders will be periodically deleted, do not use them to store important emails you want to keep.
  • Periodically delete old email in your Sent folder(s). Over time, email tends to build up in your Sent folder. Also, different email clients use different names for sent mail (i.e. Sent, Sent-Mail, Sent E-Mail, Out, etc.). You should periodically review the emails in your Sent folders and delete old messages you no longer need.

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