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Illinois State University

Faculty Center Final Grade Submission FAQ

Faculty Center is part of Campus Solutions at Illinois State University. Faculty Center is the new “one-stop-shop” for many of the tools you use as an instructor.


Below are tips generated from frequently asked questions about using Faculty Center to submit your grades:



  • Remember to click the purple icon for your grade roster.  


  • You will receive a message when you save your work, and when your grades have been successfully approved.


  • Your grades will appear in the Roster Grade column, not the Official Grade column. The Official Grade column will populate once grades have officially been posted by the Office of the Registrar.


  • If you need to change a grade after you have approved your roster, you can simply change the roster status back to Not Reviewed to make the change. Once the change has been made, be sure to change the roster status back to Approved and save your work.


  • For graded courses, only grades of A, B, C, D, F, I and M are acceptable (+/- cannot be used).


  • If you are using +/- grades in ReggieNet, the import will not work; you will need to override these grades in ReggieNet prior to importing.


  • For Credit/No Credit only courses, ReggieNet does not accept grades of CR/NC, therefore you will need to manually enter these grades in your grade roster.


  • ‘M’ Grade – enter an M grade if your student has submitted their coursework but you haven’t had a chance to grade it.  The M grade replaces our former “blank” grade and allows you to approve your roster. Please note: ALL M grades will require a grade change form if not changed by the grade submission deadline for the term.


  • If you cannot see your class on your My Schedule page, you may not be assigned as the instructor of record.  Contact the Registrar Service Center as soon as possible and they will assign you as the instructor of record.


  • If you do not have the Approved status in the grade roster approval status drop down menu, you have not been given Approve access as the instructor of the class. Contact the Registrar Service Center and they will grant the access.


  • Students taking dissertation, thesis, or classes for audit may already have a grade assigned. You do not need to assign a roster grade for these students, as the official grade will already be assigned upon enrollment.


  • If your class roster is missing a student, please contact the Registrar Service Center for more information. If a student has not properly registered for a class, they will need to complete registration before you will be able to assign a grade.



  • There are two Save buttons on the Grade Roster page – each of them performs the same function; there is no difference between the two buttons.


  • To view more than 20 students on a page at a time (up to a maximum of 100 students per page), click the [View All] link at the bottom of the roster page (Figure 1).



Figure 1:




How to Get Help


For questions about the grade submission process, you may contact the Office of the University Registrar at (309) 438-2188, or by email at Walk-in office hours are Monday – Friday 8AM to 4:30PM.


For technical assistance, you may contact the Technology Support Center at 309-438-4357, or by email at




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