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Illinois State University

How to use Visual Voice Mail on a VoIP Phone

Cisco VoIP phones on campus offer visual voice mail. This article describes how to use visual voice mail.

Before You Begin

Visual voice mail is a service available to VoIP phones at Illinois State University. To use visual voice mail, you must subscribe to the service. If you are not subscribed to visual voice mail, you can use regular voice mail. For more information review the following articles:

Visual voice mail allows you to see how many voice mail messages you have at once, and listen to them in whatever order you choose.

Using Visual Voice Mail

To use visual voice mail on your campus VoIP phone, do the following:

  1. Press the Services button on your campus VoIP phone. The Voicemail: Sign In screen will load, and the Extension field should auto-populate with your 5-digit campus phone number.
  2. Enter your voice mail PIN# in the Password field. Then press Sign In.

2a. To select Keep me signed in, press the down arrow button to highlight the box, and then press the [Select] button. This will put a check mark in the box.

  1. Your voice mail messages are displayed.

3a. Use the arrow buttons to navigate up and down the list.

3b. Press the Play button to listen to the selected voice mail message.

3c. Press the Delete button to delete the selected voice mail message.

3d. Press More to get additional options, such as Forward, Reply, etc.

When you are done, press Exit to close visual voice mail.