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Logging onto a University Laptop Off Campus After Updating ULID Password

When logging in to your University laptop from off-campus after updating your ULID password, your new password may not work properly. You may be unable to log in to the University laptop with the new password if you haven’t logged into it from on-campus since changing the password.

More Information

This issue applies to University-owned Windows computers which are bound to Active Directory. When a University-owned computer is off campus, it cannot connect to Active Directory (except through VPN).

After you change your ULID password from off campus, you cannot use the new password to log in to the computer because it is unaware a password change has taken place. Instead, the computer relies on a cached password. Thus, you must log in to the computer using your old password until you are able to connect to the campus network.

Solution 1: Connect to VPN Off Campus Before Updating ULID Password

Before changing your password from off campus, connect to VPN using your University-owned computer. If you change your password while you are connected through VPN, you can avoid the problem described above. For more information on how to connect to VPN, refer to the following article: Overview of VPN.

Important: It is recommended that you remain connected to the VPN for 1 hour or if you weren’t previously connected, to connect to the VPN after changing your password and leaving it connected for approximately 1 hour. This will allow syncing with Active Directory in order to update your new password.

Solution 2: Log in with Old Password Until Back On Campus

You can continue to log in to the University-owned computer with your old ULID password until you can connect to the campus network (either by returning to campus or connecting to VPN). You will use your new password for online resources, such as access to

Steps to getting your New Password in sync

  1. Log into your laptop using your OLD password.
  2. Connect to VPN using your NEW password.
  3. Lock your Laptop.
    • Windows: Press the Windows Key + L on your keyboard.
    • Mac: Click the Apple button in the upper left-hand corner of your screen and choose the option to Lock.
  4. Wait approximately 15 seconds, and then log in with your NEW password.
  5. Password is now synchronized and cached on laptop.

How to Get Help

For technical assistance, you may contact the Technology Support Center at (309) 438-4357, or by email at