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Configuring an instant messaging (IM) client to chat with Cisco Jabber users

This article describes how to configure an instant messaging client so you chat with Cisco Jabber users.

Before You Begin

If you use an instant messaging (IM) client like Pidgin or Adium, you can configure it so you can chat with Cisco Jabber users. For more information on Cisco Jabber please review the following article:

To use these instructions, you must have access to Cisco Jabber (though the client does not need to be installed). If you do not yet have access, you must request it through Telecommunications & Networking. For more information on availability and pricing, refer to the article linked above.

These instructions call for the user of an XMPP instant messaging client. Pidgin and Adium are two examples of IM clients that support XMPP.

Limited Support

These instructions are provided “as is.” No additional support beyond these instructions is available through the Technology Support Center or Telecommunications & Networking. The Support Center does not provide or recommend any XMPP clients.

XMPP Settings

To configure an XMPP instant messaging client so you can chat with Cisco Jabber users, use the following settings:

  • Protocol: XMPP
  • User Name: Your ULID
  • Password: your password
  • Domain:
  • Server:
  • Connect Port: 5222
  • Authentication: plaintext authentication

Use the settings above to configure your XMPP client. Because the Support Center does not provide support for XMPP settings beyond this article, step-by-step instructions are not available.

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